Painting Services

Welcome to the painting services page.

Each individual will have personal preferences about how they would like their own army painted, but due to circumstances, people are unable to do it. I am here to facilitate that desire to have a fully painted Warhammer 40,000 army.

Contact me for the costing of painting a squad, kill team or entire army. The following stipulations apply. All models are to be supplied assembled (apart from really technical models that require multiple painting stages) and cleaned and filed. Bases are to be assembled ready for painting works or blank bases as you require. Custom resin bases will be available at clients request, custom being, whatever you would like on your bases and then cast to ensure army uniformity.

Postage to and from Australia will also be included in the price.

Now, please don't think that I am going to charge extortionate amounts for this services, I will give you a army that you desire for an appropriate price. I will be putting up examples of ranges and finishes soon to help give you a guide. As my point of difference, I offer to paint your characters and special models to a higher quality for no extra cost.

All enquires please direct to

Thanks again, SpektreOz